Monday, November 16, 2009


Another thing I want to try and do this winter is settle down and watch at least one or two dvd's every weekend. I am so behind on them and there are lots here at the library I am gonna try and get watched this winter. This weekend I watched Knowing with Nic Cage and The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Sad to say both movies were just like my reading has been. Just so-so. The Knowing was actually kind of silly. It's no wonder Nic is in financail trouble with the last few movies he has chosen to make. Watched it in surround sound which made it a little better but still what I felt a very silly movie. The Proposal was kind of cute but had the potential to be so much funnier and I am not sure what happened. Had a great cast with Craig T Nelson, Mary Sternburgeon and Betty White but was just a kind of flat movie. Let's hope next weekends are much better!


Bookfool said...

Cage's role choices have gotten pretty awful, I agree, but I think he hired a financial manager and got bilked. It's hard to feel sorry for a guy who has to sell 4 houses. Geez, how many does one person need?

Paula said...

He is a strange guy but I always thought a good actor.