Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Knife of Never Letting Go

I am trying to expand my horizons by reading outside the box and this YA was a defenite outside the box read. Chased by a madman preacher and his posse. Todd flees his settlement on a planet where war has killed off all the women and infected the men and animlas with a germ that broadcasts their thoughts aloud for all to hear. The noise is an opressive chaos of words, images and sounds and when Todd finds a hole in the noise he must keep the secret from the town and flees with his dog Manchee causing him to be persuded by the sheriff and his posse. Patrick Ness is a great writer and the novel is very suspenseful to the end and of course leaves you hanging so you must read the second book in the series. I suspended my disbelief and was transported in this great YA read.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I, Alex Cross

Another quick read from Mr Patterson. Alex is celebrating his birthday when he gets a call that his niece's body has been found. Alex is determined to find the killer and soon figures out that his neice was a very high priced call girl and caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. The book is full of bodies and Alex finds that the killer is among the elite of Washington. All in all not a bad read. I just wish Mr Patterson would take sometime and really write a book. He is begging people to buy this one so it won't be the last Alex Cross book... hmm like he really needs the money?!? Why not just take your time Mr Patterson and write a really good thriller that takes more than two hours to read!?

Windfall by Penny Vincenzi

What can I say but another so-so read. I really like Penny's writing style but, this one just kind of put me to sleep. Cassia Tallow inherits some money from her godmother. Since marrying and having 3 children Cassia has put her medical degree on hold but with the money she now decides to go back to work and do all the things her husband has forbade her over the years. After 624 pages of turmoil Cassia finally grows into herself and finds out where the money really came from. Just a little too slow of a read for me. Her trilogy is oh so much better.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Another thing I want to try and do this winter is settle down and watch at least one or two dvd's every weekend. I am so behind on them and there are lots here at the library I am gonna try and get watched this winter. This weekend I watched Knowing with Nic Cage and The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. Sad to say both movies were just like my reading has been. Just so-so. The Knowing was actually kind of silly. It's no wonder Nic is in financail trouble with the last few movies he has chosen to make. Watched it in surround sound which made it a little better but still what I felt a very silly movie. The Proposal was kind of cute but had the potential to be so much funnier and I am not sure what happened. Had a great cast with Craig T Nelson, Mary Sternburgeon and Betty White but was just a kind of flat movie. Let's hope next weekends are much better!

Gonna try this again

I really want to have a blog.. so why can't I seem to do it?!? Question of the year and I am gonna give it one more go. Lately it seems like everything I have read has been rather dull and boring or not even readable. This weekend I started Windfall by Penny Vincenzi and it's a chunkster. I am crossing my fingers that it will be a good read. I would like to at least start off again with a good review. Will let you all know in a couple days.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Tsarina's Daughter

I finally finished this book! Jeesh took me over two weeks and it should have only taken a couple days. This is the story of Tsar Nicholas daughter Tatiana. Instead of Anastasia being the one who escaped this time it is Tatiana. I enjoyed the book alot as I don't know much about the revolution of Russia other than the story of the killing of this family. Tatiana tells the story of her growing up and the fragility of both her mother's mental health and her brother's illness with hemophilia and how supposedly Rasputin helped to keep him alive. It was a very good read and a different take on what might have happened during this time in history.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is the 6th in the Abby Cooper series by Victoria Laurie. I really enjoyed this book and when I come back in my next life I want to be Abby Cooper. How cool would it be to have psychic abilities!! When Abby's boyfriend's cousin is kidnapped and they take off to Las Vegas to try and find him. After Dutch disappears Abby calls in her sister and girlfriend to come to Vegas and the search is on. A great cozy from the first page to the last. Highly recommend the whole Abby Cooper series.